Before “The ResolveR”…

I did need a new computer for my restoration projects. Indeed, I needed it two years ago, after using my beloved Vaio VGX-XL201 for almost ten years… so, I started to look around – you know, ten years in the computer world seems ages; made my homeworks, read reviews, tests, benchmarks, forums… after a while, I decided to go with an Intel i7. Found a very nice used one not so far, a 4770 (not K…), with a simple Nvidia GTX 760 2GB, 16GB of RAM, a nice case.

Intel i7 4770, Asus Z87 Sabertooth, GTX-760 2GB, G.Skill 16GB DDR-3…
…a “Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” PSU, and Enermax LiqMax 240mm (that failed!)

It worked well for two years, but then I realized that, even if it was faster (much faster, indeed) than my previous poor Core2 Duo, it was struggling with my latest wannabe project, my first step in the 4K (actually UHD, to be precise) world… so, I decided: farewell, i7, and welcome… uncertain, still unknown new, powerful computer!


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