O I want 1 2!

O U want 1 2? Just pay me top $$$! 😀 😀 😀
Or, simply, shop for the parts – eventually replacing one or more with others – and build it up! My advice is, make your homework first – find out what your next computer should (mainly) do, then go for the right one; beware! “The ResolveR” is aimed to video editing, and it’s good for a lot of tasks; but, if you need a computer mainly to surf the web and simple office task, you better off spending a fraction of its cost, and spend the rest to get a nice vacation with your partner! Or, if you want to play games, then you can get better results using a CPU with less cores, and getting a single powerful GPU.

If, after reading this, you are still convinced to spend an awful amount of money to get an “ultimate restoration workstation”… well, follow some more advices:

  • for a bit faster CPU, go with the 2950x
  • in need of multicore hungry software, think about 2970wx or 2990wx
  • no hurry? wait for TR 3rd generation (mid 2019) or even better 4th one (2020)
  • to spend a bit less, go with the 1920x and/or single GPU
  • to get more graphic power, grab the Radeon VII – possibly two
  • to have lower temp, maybe a 360mm radiator could help
  • get an m.2 NVME SSD – it is mandatory to improve speed
  • want an Intel CPU or an Nvidia GPU? Find it out more on the web! 😉


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