A deadly bug!

Doing various experiments about overclocking, I discovered a potentially deadly bug in the BIOS of my Asus ROG Zenith Extreme; beware, it is very dangerous, and could really kill your CPU and/or motherboard, so keep an eye – or, better, both, open!

When it happens: if you load the 4GHz overclock profile, the temperatures read are way lower than the real ones – and when I say way lower, I mean something like 40°C! Yes, sometimes on idle temps are below zero!!! So, if you don’t know it, you continue to push your sistem, fans will never know that CPU temp is too high and stay at low speed, CPU will continue to operate at very high temp and if you are lucky, the system will just switch off; if you are unlucky, you risk to burn (literally) the CPU or other components…

You can read more about this here: https://community.amd.com/thread/219430



After doing a bunch of testing I was able to recreate the problem on my new motherboard, I found that it happens with either of these bios configurations.
Overclocking Enhancement: Enabled

Core Performance Boost: Disabled
Overclocking Enhancement: Enabled

Core Performance Boost: Auto
I haven’t seen it happen with any other combination.

I must add that, to be sure, though, just save your BIOS configuration, and, when restart, enter the BIOS again and watch the temp; if they are around 30/40°C they are right; at the contrary, if they are around 10°C or even lower, they are wrong – I can’t understand how someone, even being aware of such low temps, could think they are true, and even publish a video promoting the use of such settings – worse, continue also after someone brought him the problem in the comments!!!

Long story short: do your homeworks, “trust no one” (Fox Mulder), and, if you suspect something is going wrong… stop immediately to do that, and find out the thing was wrong, and it was just you that wrongly supposed that!


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