Four years with “The Resolver”

Well well… more than four years passed since The Resolver workstation was built… and?

It’s still working perfectly! I must admit I got some problems with the AMD Radeon VII drivers – mostly related when the PC is waking up from sleep mode – but, apart occasional blue screen due to this – again, related to software – hardware is going on without a fuss! Thousand hours switched on, often for days, sometimes for a week or more, and still going!

Do I feel the urge to replace it? Sure, a new Ryzen like the 7950x is quite tempting, and it will speed up things like avisynth conversions and video encoding, but for everyday use, it’s still fast and able to do anything I’m thinking of.

So, let’s continue with it and, in case, I’ll post here news about an eventual Resolver 2!