CPU-Z 1.88.0 x64 (CPU 4.00GHz auto Voltage, RAM 3200MHz)

CPU-Z notes (overclocked):
again, the overclock helps a lot – here, CPU multi thread score at 4.00GHz (using auto voltage) is 10064.4 Vs 8696, and 466.5 Vs 406 for single score, about 15% faster than stock speed – as expected.

EDIT: as RAM at 3200MHz was a bit unstable, I put it at 3133MHz, and repeated the test; well, now it’s (strangely) faster than before, with 10101 multi-thread, and 467 single-thread; this score put my 1950X at 2nd place, after the 2990WX – but I’m pretty sure the CPUs with lower scores, when overclocked, should pass me… meanwhile, I’m happy! 😀

EDIT 2: this time I put the voltage to 1.325V, because auto voltage took that at around 1.3675V and I wanted it to be lower; RAM still at 3133MHz – it was more stable, at almost the same speed, so, unless it will prove unstable, I guess this will remain my go-to setting.

CPU-Z 1.88.0 x64 (CPU 4.00GHz 1.325V, RAM 3133MHz)

Final note:
I also tried 4.15GHz overclock, and its score was 10443, a whopping 20% faster than stock speed; yet, power consuption was stellar, voltage and temp too, and system proved unstable pretty soon, so it was just one off test – does not worth to push it so far to gain so little… (even if I must admit I tried it BEFORE overclocking RAM as well!)