Few ones for the moment… more will come (hopefully… probably)!

some components boxes on a table, before the building hard task!
Just made… it worked, but what a color mess – worst than a cheap Xmas tree! 😀
“He” wants to be recognized from the beginning…
That nice OLED blinks – black, then white, then black, then white… less borind that static, at least!
Actual look: I do think it’s a lot better – yes, more serious, but definitely it IS The ResolveR now!
“bare” PSU… should I cover it? Don’t think it will freeze without a cover, though!
…even if I must admit power cable management is a little bit… messy, perhaps? 😉

Latest version (august 2019) – now with 1x Radeon VII GPU and Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 cooler
(missing picture…)

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