CineBench R15 (my 1950x @ 4.00GHz, RAM 3200MHz CL14)
CineBench R15 (guru3d 2950x @ 4.20GHz, RAM 3200MHz CL14)
CineBench R15 ( 2950x @ 4.20GHz, RAM 3200MHz CL14)

CineBench R15 notes (overclocked):
again, a great result for the CPU: according to Max Yuryev (that made a built similar to mine, with an AMD 1950x but “only” one Vega Frontier), CPU score at clock speed was 2986, while for 3D guru was 3000, and 3482 when overclocked to 4GHz, so mine with a score of 3507 was a bit faster – even if a tad slower for CPU (single score) at 167 Vs 169.

GPU OpenGL comparison is worthless, as it depends from the driver used – for example, it was around 134fps with oldest drivers, but only around 102 with the newest one!

Comparison with the AMD ThreadRipper 2950x
It was calculated that the 2950x, a one generation newer than the 1950x, should be around 13% faster; incredibly, mine was even faster than one @4.20GHz that scored 3304, reviewed by guru3d… so, maybe I was very VERY lucky winning the silicon lottery, or they were very VERY unlucky, or both – can’t think anything different, as the 2950x MUST be faster, and not SLOWER, also think it was oveclocked 200MHz higher… at least, got a 3585 score – better, but still slower than mine, in comparison, though! Also, I’m laughing at @4.375GHz with a score of only 3464!

CineBench R20 (CPU 4.00GHz, RAM 3200MHz)

CineBench R20 notes (overclocked):
The published stock speed score for the 1950x is 6670 (400 for single core), while mine, overclocked at 4GHz, was 7678 (409 for single score), around 15% better (as expected); I saw around other results (always at 4GHz) lower, so I’m pretty happy with it!

Edit: I ended up in a strange situation, where the CPU was at stock speed (accordingly to HWiNFO64), yet even faster than overclocked, and with lower temp; sadly, the PC reset, and never get the same results again, so consider them a unique lucky shot!

CPU at stock, still Cinebench thinks it’s overclocked!