Memories, memories…

Human beings have long term, and short term memory – and I had problems with the latter… well, where was I? Oh, yes, human beings have long term, and short term memory… 😀 Computers are the same, with HDDs/SSDs for long term memory, and RAM for short term; so, let’s discover what I needed.

First, long term: I had quite some HDDs, full of previous projects, many in various progress from barely started to almost finished; the bigger ones will be used for the new workstation – one 2TB and two 4TB Seagate Barracuda. For the SSD, I got a small S3+ 120GB, and it will be used temporarily to store OS and programs.

Next step will be Read more


The heart is the most important “stuff”: without this, even well functioning brain, lungs, kidneys etc. could not be alive… and, in a computer, the heart is the PSU – power supply unit. A quite underrated component, often chosen mostly by the remains of the budget. But I had a bad experience with one of them, so I was ready to give it more importance than before – because, well.. it IS important, very much!

First of all: do you know how much power do you need? It is not a simple question, but luckily there is a very simple tool to find the right answer: a power calculator! Read more

Nervous system & hindbrain

I had a body (the case) and the brain (CPU); then, I needed a nervous system (the motherboard). ThreadRipper socket is called TR4, and it is NOT compatible with Ryzen AM4 socket, so I needed a, guess what? more expensive, dedicated motherboard, an x399.

There are not so many models available, in comparison to other sockets, but yet there are enough to be undecided… Read more


Let’s start with the kind of computer I wanted – or needed?
I thought about pre-built one, possibly a workstation – big, tough, durable, with selected hardware… all good things, but at premium price – a lot more of the sum of the parts prices… yes, I know that they should earn some bucks to put all the pieces together, but hey, a grand (sometimes), really?

It seemed I was forced to build my first custom made computer – pardon me, my first HEDT (High End DeskTop) – that is, a nice acronym to call a powerful (and usually expensive) computer… Read more

Before “The ResolveR”…

I did need a new computer for my restoration projects. Indeed, I needed it two years ago, after using my beloved Vaio VGX-XL201 for almost ten years… so, I started to look around – you know, ten years in the computer world seems ages; made my homeworks, read reviews, tests, benchmarks, forums… after a while, I decided to go with an Intel i7. Found a very nice used one not so far Read more