5 weeks with The ResolveR

Well, after A LOT of benchmarks, tests and so on, I’m finally over them, and started to use The ResolveR for what it was meant: video editing.

DaVinci Resolve has been barely used, mostly because I’m lazy to study how to properly use it; yet, I made some thinkering with it, and it is really promising… but, I’m an old dinosaur, still using AviSynth in 2019, so…

Finally, I installed AviSynth+ (instead of vanilla AviSynth 2.6), and the transition was pretty unpainful. As expected, using AviSynth “as is” with a 16-core CPU is not making your scripts fly – as it normally does not use a multicore enviroment, the speed is based on single score speed, and the ThreadRipper 1950x is not so fast in this…

With a little “trick”, it’s possible to let run single threaded plugins in multi threads mode, earning some speed – for example, a single script that runs at 1fps could be split in several scripts and run at the same time, gaining quite some speed… split in four, you can get for example 0.75fps, but four time that equals 3fps – a 300% speed increase, not bad!

For other tasks not video editing related, The ResolveR is very fast; I can have dozen browser windows open, while working on an Open Office spredsheet of 10000 rows, listening to music, let multiple AviSynth encoding run, without a problem… it’s very nice to have 16 cores and 32 thread, sometimes (often)!

Last notes

Don’t know what could be the cause, but I noted that Performance Test latest benchmarks scores are lower than previous ones – maybe due to Windows update? For example, 3DMark and CineBench remained the same, so it’s not due to CPU and/or GPU and/or RAM.

Also, I’ve got some unexpected BSOD – again, causes are not clear, could be due to not-fresh Windows install, using Adrenalin game drivers instead Radeon Pro ones, running RAM @3200MHz, or a mix of them – but lately, running RAM at “only” 2933MHz BSOD has not happened anymore; so, probably the guilty is the memory, let’s see!


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  1. A really fun site and you do a great job of communicating your enthusiasm for writing. Wow. That comment was so official. I’ll try again– you made me laugh and you made me want to go to my desk and write. Hmmm. Better.

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