“A new flame has come”…

Finally, after quite some buying and selling activities, I end up with the GPU I wanted since the beginning: the AMD Radeon VII!

Now, some could argue “Why now? It is almost surely EOL! And why not a 5700 XT?”… well, now because, as written before, I end up to get it at a lower price than retail, thanks to some earnings due to buy/sell; I do not care at all if it’s EOL – at the contrary, it will be a “collector’s item”! And, about 5700 XT, it is a very nice GAMING GPU, but the VII is waaay better with DaVinci Resolve and other computational intensive tasks.

So, I think I made the best move ever. It is even better than Nvidia RTX 2080ti in Resolve, at a very lowest price in comparison!

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