Air better than liquid?

Struggling lately with the Enermax AIO cooler – temps rised a lot, 15/20°, and can’t be only because it’s an hot summer, I suppose – so I decided to give an air cooler a go. The obvious choice would be the Noctua, but I really hate the ugly color of its fan – yes, I can buy a black one instead, still the metal is silver, so I avoided it; instead, I chose to go with a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4, first because it’s really beautiful – all black finished, second because it has two fans instead one, and third because (according to several reviews) is on par if not better than Noctua.

Well, I have it since few days, but I’m already very happen with it! Not only idle temps are lower than Enermax by 3/4°, but load temps are 10/15° lower… surely the Enermax has some problems. And, noise is way lower, almost unaudible. There is only one (huge) problem: it blocks the first PCI-E slot. Solved moving the GPU to the third slot, so not so huge problem for the moment… we’ll see if I’ll decide to get a second GPU, or another x16 PCI-E card!


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