The usual “cute” Windows Update decided to lock both keyboard and mouse two weeks ago… they worked on BIOS, but can’t be able to do anything on Windows… tried everything, but at the end something went wrong and the OS got corrupted…

Hence, instead of wipe out the old (and small, and slow) SATA SSD, I got the occasion to get a brand new NVME SSD, bigger and faster. Actually, I wanted an even faster one, but as I needed one ASAP, I was almost “forced” to buy a, let’s call it, “normal” speed on.

The ADATA XPG SX6000 LITE 512GB is quite fast at 1800MB/s read and 1200MB/s write, around 3.5 times faster than the old S3+ SATA drive, surely fast enough for the OS.

I plan to buy a couple of NVME SSDs in the future, and run them in RAID0 to get a very fast array – still, dunno why I should need them, though!


2 thoughts on “New OS NVME SSD

  1. Upon realizing that when rendering cache, it’s not writing nearly as fast as I thought, and a standard SSD will be plenty sufficient, I’m wondering if I should instead, migrate my OS to the NVMe. I’ve heard that the Resolve UI, over all stability and responsiveness is much better when running from an NVMe vs a standard SSD…Can anyone vouch for this?

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